4 Wheel Alignment/Tracking

Full inspection just £29

M J Warner has the latest Hunter Pro-align 4 wheel alignment equipment and is approved by the Volkswagen brand to carry out adjustments to ACC (Adaptive Cruise Control) systems, fitted to all Mk7 Golf's (SE and above) and many other new models in the range.

Misalignment of steering and suspension (mostly caused by hitting potholes) can dramatically increase tyre wear, leading to a shortened life span. In some cases the vehicle may pull to one side of the road and could even behave unpredictably in an emergency braking or steering situation. 

The most common cause of uneven tyre wear is incorrect 'tracking'. It would be reasonable to assume that when a vehicle is stationary, and the steering wheel is straight, the wheels are also facing straight ahead. In actual fact, depending on whether the vehicle is front or rear wheel drive, the wheels face slightly in or out. This is known as 'Toe In' or 'Toe Out'.

When the car accelerates the stress forces created by the inertia push the wheels in or out, thus bringing them straight. However, if the wheels are out of specification when standing, they will never be correct when driving, leading to tyre damage. As a general rule this will be seen when the inner or outer tyre tread edges are lower than its opposite side.

With the average tyre costing in excess of £100, our £29 laser alignment inspection is exceptionally good value. We will provide a clear detailed report of all aspects of the geometry, including Toe In/Out, Castor and Camber. If required, we will provide a competitive quote for the adjustments needed.

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4 Wheel alignment