Dispute Resolutions

We truly hope that any concern that you have with any aspect of our business can be resolved amicably between yourself and the department Manager.

If this is not possible, in the first instance we would ask that you view our 'Meet the Team' page and contact a Senior Manager with your dispute details.

Should we still be unable to resolve the situation you are entitled to contact a 'dispute resolution provider', also known as an ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution). The ADR looks to resolve your concerns within 90 days through a process of Mediation, Conciliation or Arbitration. 

SDP Newmarket Motors Limited (trading as M J Warner) is a member of The Motor Ombudsman which is approved by the Government as a consumer ADR body. M J Warner subscribes to the Motor Ombudsman Code of Practice for Service and Repair.

Disputes should be directed to the Motor Ombudsman Codes Advisory and Conciliation Service. The Motor Ombudsman Limited is a CTSI Certified Alternative Dispute Resolution provider which we are prepared to engage with through the ADR process.

The Motor Ombudsman can be contacted at

71 Great Peter Street, London. SW1P 2BN

website: https://www.themotorombudsman.org/ 

Email: info@tmo-uk.org

Telephone 0207 344 1651 

You can download additional information on this page.

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