Emissions Information

Volkswagen is inspecting 508,276 vehicles in the UK with regard to exhaust emissions that did not meet US standards.

2.0 TDi and 1.2 TDi vehicles require a software update and 1.6 TDi models will require a small component to be fitted in the air intake (along with software changes). Either repair will take under an hour to complete. 

Updates will be released in model batches therefore your vehicle may not be able to be updated for a while yet. 

Please be assured that your vehicle is completely road worthy. Your safety, vehicle reliability and fuel consumption has not been compromised. 

This page will be updated on a regular basis to keep you informed. (Last update 6.2.17)

Questions & Answers

Is my car due to be checked?

Volkswagen has launched a 'self check' page on their main website. You will need your VIN (chassis) number. It starts with WVW or VWG and has a further 14 letters and numbers. It can be found in various places -

1. In the front page of your service book on a large white sticker.
2. On a large white sticker under the boot carpet, stuck to the floor near the spare wheel well.
3. On the passenger side at the bottom of your windscreen (this can only be viewed from outside - your passenger side wiper blade may be covering it).
4. On your V5c, also known as a 'log book' or 'registration document'.

Please click this link to find out if your vehicle will need attention in the future http://www.volkswagen.co.uk/owners/dieselinfo

Volkswagen will contact you directly when a technical solution is available for your vehicle, at which point we will be pleased to carry out the work for you. If you have other questions they can be contacted on 0800 954 0225.

Volkswagen are calling it a 'Service Action'. What is the difference between that and a 'Recall'?

Although it may be generally referred to as a 'recall' the actual definition of this term is where 'safety issues are discovered and there is a risk of injury to the consumer'. Your car is safe and therefore it is a known as a 'Service Action'. 

Will my road tax go up in the future?

No, UK vehicle excise duty (road tax) is based on CO2 emissions and the software irregularities only relate to NOx (Nitrogen Oxide).

Has my car lost value?

From our experience there has been no loss of value. We are happy to provide the best possible trade-in price, regardless of whether your vehicle is due to be checked or not. 

Dylan Setterfield, Senior Forecasting Editor at CAP (a data source referred to by professional used-car dealers for vehicle values) said: “To date Volkswagen prices have only moved in line with the overall market. We had expected some level of short term impact due to the adverse media coverage, but this has not materialised. We are studying used car sales data, and wider metrics, such as proportion of cars available for sale, and unsold volumes. None of these show any impact, and dealers tell us consumer interest has remained in line with previous years"

The last global recall was the Toyota/Lexus airbag issue and despite the serious safety implications there was no discernible impact on used values. 

I didn't buy my car from M J Warner but can you do the work for me as you are my closest dealer?

Yes, we would be only too pleased to assist you.

My car is coming in to you soon for other work. Can you do the modifications at the same time?

Yes, certainly. It will be easier for you as well as us to do so at the same time. 

I bring my Audi, Seat, Skoda or Volkswagen van to M J Warner. Can you do the work for me?

We regret that because we are a Volkswagen passenger car retailer we are not allowed to undertake warranty or service action work on other vehicle brands. We will of course advise you of your nearest centre.

Which vehicles are NOT affected?

Newer vehicles with EU6 engines, most pre 2009 models, V6 and V10 TDi's and all petrol vehicles will not require any changes.

Will this repair cost me anything?

Absolutely not, Volkswagen will take full responsibility for any costs involved in the corrective measures. 

How soon will I get called in?

Due to the number of vehicles involved it may take some considerable time to attend to them all. The team at M J Warner really appreciates your patience while waiting for Volkswagen to contact you.

Can I wait while you carry out the work?

Yes of course, this is certainly the best solution if you are not due to have other work carried out at the same time. 1.2 and 2.0 litre engines will take 30 minutes and 1.6 litre engines take up to an hour. Enjoy a coffee and use our free wifi and you'll be back on the road in no time at all.  

If I have any other questions can I ring the Service department?

We are always happy to talk to you but it will be a very busy period for our staff. Initially we would really appreciate it if you would contact us via the enquiry form on this page. Thank you.

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