Mary Poppins themed T5

Dr Alison Cooke and Dr Tim Hands asked us to build them a camper in the theme of Mary Poppins. They had once owned a vehicle in a similar theme so for Alison's 50th birthday, it was time for MP Mk2.

The colour scheme comes from a dress that Mary wore, being maroon and blue. It's not a combination that perhaps you'd think to put together normally but in this instance it works perfectly. 

Alison and Tim opted for our custom hand-crafted leather with a coloured strip running through the centre of the seats. The concept even carried on when the rear bench is converted into the bed. The quality walnut cabinets featured a Smev oven and grill and matching maroon curtains finished the interior off, resulting in a very classy feel. The exterior featured unique daisies on the roof and a silhouette of Mary floating down on her umbrella.

Nigel Gray, our camper van expert said, "I've thoroughly enjoyed working on this project. The client had a amazing vision for how she wanted her van and I'm proud that the team has achieved it". 

We wish Alison, Tim and their children Anna and Tom many memorable journeys and we look forward to helping them in the future and hearing of their adventures.