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Sell Your Car

At MJ Warner we cut out any hassle of selling privately. You don't have to meet strangers and risk them not turning up and you'll save on the cost of advertising in Autotrader, magazines or newspapers.

We will come to you at a convenient time and place (usually your home, but we can come to your workplace). You don't have to drive your car to us and then have the expense of travel costs to get back home once we buy your car.

Unlike some other car buying companies, we don't charge for inspecting the vehicle. We offer free and instant bank transfer as standard and we will pay you before we leave with your vehicle.

We have made selling your car easy. The process is simple, fill in our contact form and one of you team will contact you straight away or contact us by phone 01763 289472 

We come to you and the appointment will take place at a time and place convenient to yourself.

Contact us today to arrange your hassle-free vehicle valuation with MJ Warner.