Retail Price Protection

If your car is stolen (and not recovered), written off in an accident or destroyed by fire your insurance company will only give you the trade value at the time - leaving you with the difference between the pay-out and the car you need to replace it with. If you have outstanding finance, without any insurance cover, you could find yourself in a situation where you owe more than your car is actually worth.

RPP (Retail Price Protection, similar to Guaranteed Asset Protection, GAP) covers the short fall, paying the balance, right back to the invoice price of your vehicle when you bought it.


Invoice value of your vehicle when purchased = £12,000

Insurance payout after total loss or theft = £7,000

RPP insurance pays the £5,000 balance allowing you to purchase an equal value vehicle to the one you had.

Cover starts at just £199 for a 24 month policy. Please see the costing spreadsheet (RTI Insurance Costs) below for more details. 

T&C's apply. Please ask for more details.

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