Tyre & Alloy Wheel Insurance

Alloy wheels really finish a vehicle off, giving it the sporty or stylish look you desire. Sadly damaged wheels not only look unsightly, they will effect the resale or trade-in value.

From time to time, however hard you try not to, everyone touches a kerb that damages the wheel edge or face. Not only that, with pot holes being left longer and longer before being filled in, it's not uncommon for tyres to be cut, form bulges in the sidewalls or even split open completely.

Our alloy insurance allows 6 wheel repairs per year and our tyre insurance covers 5 replacements. 

With alloy wheel repairs costing between £60 - £90 and replacement tyres from £80 - £300, our cover is remarkable value. 

Tyre insurance starts from £79 and alloy wheel damage insurance from just £99. A combined policy saves even more.

Click on the 'Prices' tab for full details.

Key features of the policy - 

  • Up to 6 alloy repair claims per year
  • £150 towards a replacement wheel if unrepairable (counts as 2 claims in that year)
  • 1, 2 or 3 year cover available starting at just £79
  • Covers all accidental damage (see policy leaflet for more terms and conditions)
  • Available on any vehicle under 8 years/80,000 miles
  • Up to 4 tyres and 1 spare can be insured against damage from just £79

Please ask our staff for more details. Further terms and conditions are provided in the Policy Information Document keyfacts.

Tyre & Alloy Insurance