If you want to get a closer look at the vehicles we sell then make sure you watch these fun and informative video reviews below. These video reviews offer you a better insight into how these cars run, their range of features, and what they offer you, the driver.

We’ve teamed up with MB Productions to create these great, informative video reviews. Based in Exeter Devon, MB Productions is run by Max Berry, who has experience in video and local radio.

Take a look at the videos below and get up close and personal with some of the cars we have in stock...

Video reviews

VW Golf R

Max takes the VW Golf R out for a spin in this video. With just over 300 brake horsepower, a DSG gearbox, and four wheel drive, Max was incredibly impressed with this model.

“Let’s get one thing straight from the off… It is fast. Unlawfully fast. And loud. All the things you always wanted the Golf to be, this is exactly what is it. Don’t get me wrong, the GTI is a brilliant car. We all loved the GTI. But this... This is like the big steroid brother. This is the one you want.” - Max Berry / MB Productions

Watch the video review below

VW Arteon

In this video review, Max goes for a test drive in the VW Arteon R-Line with its 2 litre TDi engine and 240 brake horsepower. Not a replacement for the CC, the Arteon is a brand new model from VW that’s sure to please.

“It’s got presence, it’s got great style. This is right on the mark of where performance meets practicality. It’s brilliant.” - Max Berry / MB Productions

Watch the video review below

VW T-Roc

Max jumps in the ‘little sister’ of the VW Tiguan and takes the brand new VW T-Roc Sel model for a spin. This compact SUV has a 2 litre TDi engine, a six speed gearbox, and an LED display.

“Something that’s really refreshing with the T-Roc, is that although you’re driving an SUV, you feel like you’re driving a car. It’s very very comfortable, it’s firm and it’s sharp and it holds its shape. Sometimes SUVs can feel a little bit play-dough-like and they sort of melt in the corners, and you find it wallowing from side-to-side. Yes it’s brilliant if you can fit all of your kids in the car, but sometimes, because of the added functionality, SUVs actually lose the excitement. Whereas the T-Roc, being a little bit smaller, having a slightly narrower chassis, really holds its weight. It’s very agile.” - Max Berry / MB Productions

Watch the video review below


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