Why take finance?

Finance doesn't need to complicated. Let us guide you through the options available for funding your new purchase...

Use your Savings/Cash

Advantage: You own the vehicle straight away with no interest charges.

Disadvantage: You have less savings to make interest on. You have less provision for that ‘rainy day’ or ‘emergency’. You would need to sell your vehicle to release your cash.

Our arranged finance gives you: Low fixed interest rates. Security of the Consumer Credit Act. Immediate access to your unused cash.

Get a Secured Loan

Advantage: Can be low rate APR%

Disadvantage: Payments can be long term so low APR may seem attractive but you will pay more interest in the end. Payments secured on your property so missed/late problems will affect your credit rating or worse.

Our arranged finance gives you: Tailored plans over the term you want and payments you can afford. Interest will be fixed for the term. Loan is secured against your car, not your house so lower risk. Cover under the Consumer Credit Act.

Use Credit Cards

Advantage: Full Consumer Credit Act protection.

Disadvantage: Limited credit amounts. Variable interest rates often apply to credit cards. Your credit limit or ability to have additional cards is reduced. Fees may apply.

Our arranged finance gives you: Payments and terms that suit you. Free up your credit lines. Fixed APR % throughout the term regardless of economic conditions.

Get an Advance on a Mortgage

Advantage: Low interest rates compared to short term loans.

Disadvantage: Loans are much longer term and will cost a lot more by the end. You can borrow less if you want to move. Your house equity will be lower and if house prices decline you could be in a negative position quicker. High ‘set up’ fees may apply.

Our arranged finance gives you: Consumer Credit Act Protection. Fixed terms and rates. Loans that are secured against your vehicle, not your property.

Obtain a Bank Loan

Advantage: All you finance in the same place. Attractive looking rates (providing you’re one of the low percentage of people that qualify due to your credit score)

Disadvantage: Your credit lines are limited if you need another loan. Decisions and payouts can take time. May involve lengthy and complicated documentation.

Our arranged finance gives you: Decisions, often in minutes or hours, not days. Simple application process administered by us. No proof of earnings required.


All finance is subject to status and acceptance. Indemnities may be required.

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